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Welcome to DB

solo / Mar 11, 2016
We are an end game PvE kin, we have beaten all previous T2C content in the game. We have 4 notable server firsts in the TotDT raid. We have completed other raid content in the past on-level and at lower levels when it was quite a bit harder. We have been around for over 7 years. Raiding since the get go. A few of us have known each other for close to 10 years now.

For new recruits and people interested in joining. Loyalty is a big thing with us. You will need to move all your toons here, with the exception of any kin place holders. Kin hoppers do not bother coming here. You also need to be active and skilled. WE WILL NOT CARRY YOU.

PvP is something we kick ass on when we do it, but we do not run it an organized basis.

We are currently farming Anvil T2/T3, and are preparing for the Minas Morgul expansion.

We only accept end gamers (level 120). You must move your all of your toons to kin (kin placeholders aside). You must be willing to listen and work well in groups and follow our kin rules.

You must be 17+ years old to join.

We use Discord when we raid and you will need to have that.

We don't bite, we have fun, and we are competitive. We like to win. We want like minded people who bring no drama.

At the end of your trial period as a recruit we will take you on the hardest run the game currently has and see how you do. If you do well you make member. If not we will kindly ask you to leave.

If you would like to join, please apply with your main toon's name and/or contact us in game.

Officers are Agonist, Gummy, Ughidontknow, Faderk, and Dulli.

Leader is Mateo.


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