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(Aug 25, 2019)
(Aug 23, 2019)
I'm formally requesting that Ago is demoted
(Aug 23, 2019)
(Mar 09, 2019)
Hopefully will be able to make it tonight for a boss or two
(Mar 08, 2019)
are the servers still down? goodness gracious
(Nov 25, 2018)
(Nov 16, 2018)
itll... keep you busy thasts for shure
(Nov 13, 2018)
Started missing LOTRO this week after a year off from gaming. Let's see how bad the grind is... *shudders*
(Aug 22, 2018)
voted !
(Jul 04, 2018)
hApPy EaStEr
(Jul 03, 2018)
(Dec 25, 2017)
Merry Christmas!
(Oct 06, 2017)
Bury me in Ash
(Sep 29, 2017)
Hey guys, real sorry about last night. Internet went down, hope you guys were able to get someone else in right away.
(Sep 13, 2017)
Project life has heated up again for me, and playing whack a mole with Production issues right now. I should be online again in a bit.
(Sep 11, 2017)
Cheers all! Missing yah. Have fun
(Sep 06, 2017)
Been really busy with things. I hope to get on soon.
(Sep 01, 2017)
Formatted my hard drive...see you in a few days!
(Aug 30, 2017)
Hi all, just wanted to let everyone know that until 9/11 I will not be able to log on much - work has heated up and business trip next week
(Aug 19, 2017)
Just a reminder/heads up that I won't be around much for a bit. (Family visiting & vacation) But then kids go back to school after Labor Day and I get my gaming time back. HURRAH! :D